• Welcome Voucher of 10 CHF for one of our events
  • Receive information on upcoming events
  • Stay updated with our information group on WhatsApp
  • Get discounts for selected Zurich Wine Festival events
Grand Cru
CHF 150.00
All that is included in the basic membership plus:
  • Get discounts on all club events
  • Receive the Zurich Wine Festival VIP Pass for the whole weekend and the exclusive Saturday Party (value: 100 CHF)!
  • Access our wine lovers' WhatsApp chat group
  • Special discounts and offers from our wine shops, bars, and restaurant partners.
Grand Cru Gift Box
CHF 250.00
All that is included in the Grand Cru membership, plus:
  • Gift box containing: a bottle of wine, wine accessories, and a personalized letter with a code to activate the Grand Cru membership

We bring people together

We believe that wine is a catalyst for uniting people of all origins, backgrounds, orientations, cultures, and communities.

Zurich welcomes people from everywhere and this is one of its great virtues. However, connecting with each other is often a challenge.

That’s why we aim to provide an optimal environment for socializing and building meaningful relationships.